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For those willing not only to preserve but also to multiply their savings MFX Broker offers cutting edge solutions unparalleled in the field of investments!

Investing to MFX Broker

Become a co-owner of successful company! Investing to MFX Broker

MFX Broker - international financial company

You know the company for many years and wish to grow together with it? Join investment program of MFX Broker and gain up to 50% annually!

The program's unique feature is that at minimum cost you get the chance to become a fully legitimate business co-owner.

The invest-to-new-branch office program by MFX Broker allows you to be a rightful co-owner of the company and provides a range of advantages:

  • Investing funds to reliable international business with long history
  • Chance to become a co-owner with minimum investment amount of $100
  • Profit of 30-50% annually from an opened office
  • Transparency and clearness of the investment field
  • Gain profit as a co-owner of the office
  • Guarantees of large international company
  • The company's high development rate in various countries increase potential income for investor.

Guarantee of this kind of partnership is the company's constant development and its expansion to various countries.

Unlike discretionary management you don't need to handle your funds over to some unfamiliar manager. All relations are built between you and MFX Broker directly and in no way are connected with Forex trading.

How it works?

As we make decision to open a new branch office, we will publish detailed information about new office and region on our website.

After the information is published, we launch a fundraising campaign to open the office, at that the company covers 25% of all expenses. This provides additional guarantee for clients, for the company is reliable with its own money.

You might choose an office of your interest and invest money to open it. At that you can start investing even with just $100.

Once an amount necessary to open an office is gathered, we will start the office opening procedure and will publish reports on current status.

Every such office brings profit. The profit is gained from various sources, such as: trading commission from every trade, paid-for educational courses and selling of educational materials, organizing various events and many more.
Being an investor of a new office you can lay a claim to a part of profit. It's exactly profit of an office that your future investment profit will be derived from.

Why do we do this?

MFX Broker always aspires to be the leader in the field of integration of various innovative services and solutions. In the last year turnover of the field of crowd funding and crowd investing reached billions. With the help of such services more and more projects gather investments for start up and development.

MFX Broker decided to adopt this experience and impalement it to its own business. Thanks to such a decision the new product was created – Co-investment of branch network of MFX Broker.
We strive to develop in many cities and countries, and now we'll be able to do it together with our clients and partners.

Invest together with MFX Broker    

Soon MFX Broker launches a range of branch offices and invites you to become one of the first fully legitimate co-owners of the business at minimum expenses.

Follow the updates on our website!
Become a co-owner of an office of the international financial company!
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«Co-funding new offices"
investment program regulations.

Our offices

Already opened:

Due to co-investment program, MFX Broker and co-owners of offices have already opened offices, which are ready to accept clients:

Date of establishment: 1 July 2014


Date of establishment: 12 May 2014


Date of establishment: 5 September 2013

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Date of establishment: 3 October 2013

Office's site:

Address:Georgia, Tbilisi, Chavchavadze st. 34, Business Center "Pixel" – 6 floor

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In development:

Offices for investments

Addmission of investments: 17 April - 1 July 2014
Date of establishment: 1 June 2014
Amount of investments: $250 000


Admission of investments: 21 April - 20 July 2014
Date of establishment: 12 May 2014
Amount of investments: $112 000